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The Modern Mosaic Handbook by Luciana Notturni

From the cover "The Modern Mosaic Handbook is especially geared to students who are also interested in contemporary mosaic technique, the different methods involved and its expressive poentiality....The Modern Mosaic Handbook is an effort to classify the grace/movement that modern mosaic art has acquired in the modern age and to provide an educational foundation that helps to understand the reasoning and function behind mosaic art". The handbook covers topics such as Materials, Mortars, Substrates, Grout, Protection, Tools, Working methods, Mosaic Rules, Micro Mosaics, Industrial Mosaic, Colour theory, and the Evolution of mosaic art. 155pp

Mosaique 14

The July edition, in English, conatins articles on the NY subway mosaics, SAMA, Street Art, and images and reviews of 10 exhibitions. A look at the Japanese mural scene, and 6 artists explored, including Kate Kerrigan and Matteo Randi. Over 200 beautiful mosaic images to inspire, by artists from around the world. 114pp 

Andamento Vol 10

The 2016 edition contains articles on Gertrude Martin, the first female master mosaicist in the early 20th century; the collection of the micromosaics at the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg; and Robert Field writes on William Burges, a Victorian genius. Also a look back on the first 10 years of Andamento - Themes, Trends and Variants, with a full index of the previous issues. 44pp.


A catalogue of the exhibition at Gaffa Gallery of the work of Marian Shapiro. 'With the passage of time I have become more and more fascinated with the fluidity of memory. What we remember, what we forget, what holds those memories in place and how they can be interpreted. This show explores the intersectionof objects and memory in three independent series; Lansdscape, Origami and Crumple/Fold/Tear.' 38pp.

Mosaique 14
$25.00 Mosaique 14

Andamento10 + Mosaique14
$35.00 Andamento10 + Mosaique14

$20.00 TraceMemories



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