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Breda nippers have SOLD OUT. If yoiu are not on our newsletter list then email me and I will let you know when we will start pre-sales once we have a delivery date.


The Breda glass cutters have been developed by American mosaicist Candace Clough for mosaicists for use on all sorts of glass materials* from 2 to 10mm. They are extremely lightweight, need a lot less pressure to use, have changeable heads for left or right handed use and have other cool features such as numbered wheels so you know which part of the wheels have already been used.  Check out the video to see them in action. We are pricing them at the Australian equivalent of the US price, but cheaper postage!

International customers (no, not Kiwis) wanting a Breda please click here to send me an email, and I will send you a quote including postage.


* sheet glass, stained glass, vitreous glass tile, smalti, glass globs, millefiori etc .... Candace is currently developing an equivalent nipper for use with ceramic

Breda glass cutters
$150.00 Breda glass cutters

More coming


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