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Current Category Sampler Boxes

Sampler boxes are a great way to taste the entire range and experiment with different colour combinations. Stored in a handy compartmentalised box, choose from warm colours, cool colours or the mixes. The mixes give you some colours not available in the standard range.

The warm sampler has 100gms each of 18 warm colours including white. The cool sampler contains 100gms each of the 18 cool colours.

The mix sampler contains 200gms of each of 12 mixes.

For a sample of the complete range of mixes, the Warm and Cool mix boxes have 250gms of each mix. 

Buying the sample boxes saves you about 10%, and gives you an economical way of starting your mosaic journey.

The pictures are only indicative of what you will receive. As the range expands, the colours in the sampler boxes will change over time to ensure you have a sample as representative as possible.

The two iridiscent sampler boxes each hold 120gms each of five colours. This represents a saving of about 15%.

Cool Mixes
$105.00 Cool Mixes

Warm Mixes
$115.50 Warm Mixes

Sample Mixes
$105.00 Sample Mixes

Cool Sampler
$98.00 Cool Sampler

Warm Sampler
$109.00 Warm Sampler

Out of stock

Iridescent Sampler A
$39.70 Iridescent Sampler A

Iridescent Sampler B
$39.70 Iridescent Sampler B



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