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Current Category Tortilla

These tortilla are the same thickness as the smalti itself, so can easily be incorporated into a mosaic piece. Tortilla can be cut using a hammer and hardie, or using a glass scorer and running pliers. For smaller pieces use a standard tile cutter (available from your local hardware store), or wheeled nippers. 

The tortilla is sold in 500gm lots. We will find the largest piece to fulfil your order and then smaller pieces to get up to the correct weight. Except the the Cobalt, where we have a few pieces all about 350g.

The Midnight Blue is semi-translucent. When laid flat it is a very dark blue, almost black. With a light shining through it glows blue.

per 500gm
$29.60 per 500gm

$55.15 per Kg

per 500gm
$25.60 per 500gm

$49.10 per Kg

per 400gm
$23.60 per 400gm

Out of stock

per 350gm
$17.60 per 350gm

Sold Out


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Smalti Australia is based in the lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Visits by appointment. Tel: 0400 150 157, email: info@SmaltiAustralia.com

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