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We now offer five oxide colours. These can be used to colour cement or grout. Add sparingly while mixing - 10% by weight will give very intense colouring and is the maximum advisable ratio.

The mesh is alkaline resistant fibreglass, hole size 4mm, weighing 175gm per sq metre. The mesh is coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid and is therefore water, alkali and ageing resistant. The mesh has high tenslie strength, good dimensional stability, capillary action and is corrosion resistant. Perfect for all applications and environments. The mesh is 1 metre wide and will sold in the required metre length. NB:  This is NOT sticky mesh and you will need to adhere your mosaic to the mesh with either cement-based adhesive (for outdoor use) or little dabs of PVA (for indoor use).

The Montolit wheeled cutters come direct from the factory in Italy. Its unique design gives it extra leverage in the handles for a stronger cutting action. The replaceable wheels are made from extremely strong tungsten carbide coated in titanium, and are angled to allow a better view of the cut.

Click here for the Breda glass cutters

Black Oxide 100g
$6.50 Black Oxide 100g

$8.00 Green Oxide 100g

$6.50 Brick Red Oxide 100g

$10.00 Blue Oxide 100g

$7.00 Sandstone Oxide 100g

$34.00 Set of 5 Oxides

Mesh per metre
$7.00 Mesh per metre

Montolit wheeled cutters
$72.00 Montolit wheeled cutters

$20.00 Spare Single Wheel



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