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Instructions for applying the wall hanging fixings

These fixings must be attached BEFORE any mosaic is laid or skim coat* applied to the wedi board.



Press the washer onto the board and push the bolt through the central hole or poke a hole – I use a thin screwdriver. Note that the bolt doesn’t screw into the board, but just pushes through.



On the back, place the washer first, then the hanging triangle or d-ring (flat side down), and then tighten the nut firmly to hold it all in place. The bolt may protrude a little way from the board in order to ensure the nut stays on securely.  It doesn’t interfere with normal hanging.


Now you can apply mosaic directly, or skim coat* the board first.


Some people like to put a skim coat of cement-based adhesive over the board before they attach the mosaic to give themselves a flat surface to work on.   You can also skim the back if desired and then paint it to give a neater appearance.  The other alternative is to use a cement-based adhesive to affix the mosaic to the board as the depth of this will absorb the face of the washers

If the board is to be unframed, the foam edges need to be protected in some way, especially if the piece is going outside.  A thin layer of cement-based
adhesive is good for this as well.  It is not advisable to use grout as it has no adhesive properties and will chip off over time.  The edges of  the board can then be painted if required. 



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