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Gallery 2

Showing the beauty and versatility of Mexican smalti.

George Georgiadis Dominic Johns


www.sacredart.co.nz  Christine Fahey


Gayle Whyte

Tani Bates

Behold the Lamb of God. By Studio of John the Baptist. More pictures at  www.sacredart.co.nz
Caitlin Hughes

Dira Horne
Dominic Johns   Elyson Robertson-Briggs
Kim Hallam   Marian Shapiro
Tani Bates
  Judy Davis
  Bali Temple
Studio of John the Baptist
  Mia Kokkoris
Caitlin Hughes
  Barbara Holmes
Dira Horne


  Karen Ami
Dominic Johns


  Con Kiernan
Rachel Bremner   Fran Biancardi
  Barbara Holmes
Marian Shapiro   Jackie Gran


Dominic Johns


Jackie Gran   Jason Hirst
Marian Shapiro Sally Zylberberg   Rachel Bremner



Dominic Johns

David Humphreys

Dominic Johns


Jason Hirst   Rachel Bremner


Marian Shapiro   Kathryn Portelli


Rachel Bremner   Barbara Holmes

We would love you to send us additions to our gallery of any of your work which is wholly or predominantly of Mexican smalti.  In return, we will provide a link to your web site.  Please email jpgs (max 1 mb) to info@smaltiaustralia.com

Copyright notice. All rights to the artwork on this page are the property of the individual artist.

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Smalti Australia is based in the lower Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Visits by appointment. Tel: 0400 150 157, email: info@SmaltiAustralia.com

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